To be eligible for consideration by The HS Lopez Family Foundation (the Foundation), grants must fund projects that are sponsored by a not‐for‐profit that is exempt from tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Projects must have the support of appropriate organizations and/or government units and be located in the community where the project is to be carried out. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals.

The grant request/project must:

  1. Involve one of the following categories: health, education, or welfare. 
  2. Reasonably ensure continued support after involvement by the Foundation.
  3. Not involve liability to the Foundation except to provide the amount of the grant. 
  4. Involve active participation by the sponsor which must be a not‐for‐profit which is exempt from tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 
  5. Demonstrably benefit others beyond the individual organization recipient of the grant. 6. Not duplicate any existing Foundation grant. 
  6. Not involve the purchase of land or payment of general administrative costs for the sponsoring organization. 
  7. Not involve the establishment of a permanent foundation or trust or a permanent interest‐ bearing account, or involve support for the general operating costs of any organization. 
  8. Not involve any of the following: Carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation. Restrict the services or facilities or employment provided by the grant to individuals based on race, creed, color, sex or national origin. 
  9. Be located in Pima County or the geographic area in which a Board member resides or directly benefits people located in Pima County or a Board member’s geographic area.

If your grant request includes new equipment, please investigate whether reconditioned and/or used equipment can be substituted. Submissions by e‐mail are encouraged at

The Process of Submission and Review

Step one of the submission process is to submit a ONE-PAGE cover sheet with the following information:

  1. Name, address, telephone, and fax numbers of your organization.
  2. Name, title, telephone number, and email of your contact person.
  3. Brief purpose of your organization.
  4. Amount requested
  5. One‐paragraph summary of the purpose of the requested grant.

In addition to the one‐page summary, include a full proposal with the following information:

  1. A full description of the purpose of the grant and expected accomplishments. 2. A detailed budget showing how the grant funds would be spent. 
  2. Financial statements which include revenue and expenses and balance sheet of your organization for the previous two fiscal years and for the current year‐to‐date. 4. A copy of your annual form filed with the IRS (e.g., Forms 990, 990‐EZ) for the previous two years. 
  3. A copy of your IRS determination letter granting your tax‐exempt status. 
  4. A list of organizations that have made grants in the previous fiscal year and the amounts granted. 
  5. Additional information, such as brochures, newsletters, or newspaper clippings, that may provide additional information on your project or organization. 

The Foundation reserves the right to make a site visit before and after the award. Depending on the size or purpose of the grant, the Foundation may require from the grantee an interim and/or a final report on the use of the funds by the grantee. The report should be both narrative and financial, describing the activities undertaken and use of the grant funds with specific financial information, and evaluating the progress made toward achieving the purposes of the grant. 

New proposals will be considered no earlier than nine months after a grant is made. 

If the Foundation awards the grant, you will receive an award letter. Grant funds must only be used for the purpose, and in the manner set forth in the award letter.


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